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Write and publish your book with the support of a self-publishing coach and talented book team. Through its publishing imprint, Cheval Press, Elite Content Creation, LLC helps authors navigate the self-publishing process.

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You want to self-publish a book, but…

The process is confusing.

Editing, cover design, ISBNs, marketing… there’s a lot that goes into publishing a book. It helps to work with a book coach that knows the whole process.

Writing isn’t your forte

You could share your ideas for hours, but you struggle when it comes to writing them down. You need help organizing your thoughts and putting them into words.

You don’t know where to start

What chapters should you include? Should you outline it first? How? Writing a book is like nothing you’ve done before, so you aren’t sure how to properly begin.

You don’t know who to trust

Publishing is too large of a project to choose the wrong partner. You want to work with an experienced book coach who can give you expert recommendations.

As a book coach, ghostwriter, and two-time author, I know from experience that self-publishing can feel like a full-time job. My team and I are here to make publishing your book easy, efficient, and stress-free.

Hundreds of authors have turned ideas in their heads into successful books with the help of my team. See your book come to life in as little as 6 months. 

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Cheval Press is Elite Content Creation’s publishing imprint. We’re a group of specialized professionals that can help you with every step of self-publishing your book, from writing the first page to marketing the final product.

Book coaching process 

How We Work
Strategy call 
We meet to talk about your goals and review the process, so you can decide if self-publishing is for you.
Talent sourcing
Cheval Press works with talented designers, editors, and other experts. I source talent to help you achieve your vision on your timeline.
Writing & editing
Ghostwriting is a collaboration. We meet regularly for conversations that become your pages and chapters.
My team and I handle all of the behind-the-scenes details (with your input, of course!) to get your book published.
The magic is in the marketing. My team helps you get your book into the hands of readers.

Why Cheval Press

Get everything you need

The self-publishing process involves several steps and specialized experts. We’re happy to fit in where you need us or we can take you all the way from Point A to Point Z.

Retain your rights

Your book is your brainchild, passion project, and passive income. When you self-publish with us, you retain the rights to your work. No royalties.

Keep creative control

Working with a traditional publisher means compromising on the final product. But with us, you get full input on everything from content to cover design.

“Kristin has a marvelous talent for connecting with clients, and that allows her to produce high-quality work that captures the essence of exactly what’s needed.”
Sophia Moore
CEO at Webflow Agency

Work with our skilled team

Promote your brand, build authority, and create something bigger than yourself. Let’s start working toward your goals.

Kacy Wren
Kacy Wren
Publishing Manager

After taking over 100+ books through the publishing process, including New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, Kacy is the go-to person for all things publishing. She couples her keen publishing acumen with warmth and compassion to ensure every author she works with has a seamless, enjoyable, and successful experience.

Nicole Jobe
Nicole Jobe
Developmental and Line Editor

Nicole has more than sixteen years of experience in professional writing and editing roles and has worked in publishing for nearly half a decade, primarily ghostwriting and editing hundreds of books on a vast range of topics.

Ami Hendrickson
Ami Hendrickson

With more than 20 years of experience as a copywriter for self-publishing writers and hybrid publishers, Ami is an expert at crafting titles, author biographies, book descriptions, and other cover content to make each title stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Kelly Teemer
Kelly Teemer
Marketing and PR Strategist

Kelly is a senior media and public relations professional who has worked with over 200 authors to create exposure and visibility opportunities. Many of her clients have called her a “media alchemist,” and she has a special knack for getting the word out about authors' ideas.

Laura Cail
Laura Cail
Editor and Proofreader

Laura’s work experience as a freelance editor and proofreader is diverse (encompassing childcare, state government, the practice of law, and many other worlds), but the recurring theme has been her ability to help people find their voice and express their vision.

Christian Dufner
Christian Dufner
Book Distribution Specialist

Christian is adept at helping fiction and nonfiction authors navigate the self-publishing world. His specialties include eBook, audiobook, paperback, and hardcover distribution. He also provides ISBN registration, imprint creation services, and category research for Amazon Bestseller lists.

John van der Woude
John van der Woude
Book Designer

John has worked as a professional book designer since 2004. In that time, he’s worked on thousands of book design projects, including covers, interior layouts, ePubs, and marketing materials.

Lisa Henson
Lisa Henson

Lisa is an attorney by education and a self-described word nerd by personal inclination. Since starting as a professional freelance proofreader in 2019, she’s worked on numerous projects, including over 70 fiction and non-fiction books.

Alexa Statzer
Alexa Statzer
Book Distribution Specialist

With a hand in over 300 bestselling projects, Alexa handles the upload, distribution, and management of titles from final files to published product, ensuring your launch goes as smoothly as possible.

Frequently asked Questions

“Beyond her incredible writing skills, working with Kristin is seamless. She’s dependable, proactively communicative, and joyfully collaborative.”  - Lindsey Kim Dunn, Head of Marketing at Scribe Media
Sophia Moore
CEO at Webflow Agency
What kinds of books do you write and publish?
Cheval Press publishes both nonfiction and fiction books. As a ghostwriter, I write about a wide range of nonfiction topics including tech, business, personal development, and more.
How long does the publishing process typically take?
Publishing can take 6-9 months, depending on the specifics of your project. In certain situations, the process can be done sooner. Your contract outlines your custom timeline.
Do you do everything yourself?
I work with a team of vetted designers, editors, proofreaders, and marketers to ensure every element of your book is in the best hands.
I already have an [editor/designer/etc.]. Can you work with them?
Of course! Cheval Press can manage the entire process for you or just the parts you need help with.
Are you comfortable signing an NDA?
Absolutely. I maintain strict confidentiality for all of my ghostwriting clients.
Cheval Press
Cheval Press
Cheval Press
Cheval Press
Cheval Press
Cheval Press

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